Young women please choose the best method of contraception

Sexual life is a matter of husband and wife. In the process, both men and women enjoy happiness. Then, in the case of contraception, both people should be responsible, and many men push the responsibility of contraception to women, which is a manifestation of male irresponsibility. But women are responsible for their own health, especially young women who have not given birth, and need to choose the best method of contraception for themselves. Infertile women use condoms as the best choice principle: since they are unfertile women, they still have to bear the responsibility of having children, so they should choose a contraceptive method that has little effect on future fertility and is not easy to be infected, that is, condoms. Adapt to the physiological characteristics of women who have not given birth. Not suitable for the option: It is not advisable to choose the intrauterine device. Special circumstances should be selected under the guidance of a physician. In addition, young women read more

How to make a healthy wife a newlywed wife

When a newlywed wife tastes the sweetness of marriage, she needs to keep in mind that if she does not plan to have a baby, she must do a good job of contraception. Unexpected pregnancy is certain because there is no protective sex life. And this “unexpected joy” is not what everyone wants. Therefore, newlyweds should focus on how to be healthy. Here, experts divide the contraceptive methods of newlyweds in detail according to different stages. I hope everyone can make a good reference. The first stage: the best way to start a sexual life: condoms, short-acting oral contraceptives. Selection principle: Contraceptive methods that have little impact on future fertility and are not susceptible to infection should be selected, while at the same time adapting to the physiological characteristics of women who have not given birth. During this period, the choice of female contraceptive methods is narrower, but women’s physical fitness is in a good state. As long as the condom read more

alert! Women who smoke and drink alcohol are more likely to have ectopic pregnancy

One of the most worrying things for a woman who wants to be a mother is ectopic pregnancy. The ectopic pregnancy is that the egg does not “land” in a normal place, and such a baby cannot develop normally. If you don’t want to have such a situation, then you must take precautions before pregnancy. What is the normal condition of ectopic pregnancy? After sperm and egg “kiss”, “embrace” and “combine” in the fallopian tube, the fertilized egg runs into the uterine cavity and settles and develops under the action of the fallopian tube and its cilia. If affected by a certain factor, the fertilized egg is prevented from “seating” in the fallopian tube, or running to the ovary, pelvis, abdominal cavity, etc., it is an ectopic pregnancy, also known as ectopic pregnancy. Except for the uterine cavity, the fertilized egg can not develop normally no matter where it is implanted. When the pregnant egg grows to a certain extent, the read more

Inventory: 5 major contraceptive methods with the highest failure rate

Contraceptive methods can be described as diverse, and of course it can be said to be strange. For example, condoms, birth control pills, birth control rings, subcutaneous implants, etc., however, among the many contraceptive methods, the following five major contraceptive methods have the highest failure rate. Let’s take a look at it. If you are still using these methods, just change it. 1. Abstinence contraception Of course, although this method is not the highest rate of contraceptive failure, it is the most unsuccessful of all contraceptive methods. why? Although this method can achieve 100% successful contraception, it also loses all the fun. If you can’t enjoy the fun of sex between husband and wife, every day like a monk nun, I believe that no man can bear it. Therefore, this method of contraception is not advisable. 2, menstrual contraceptive method This method is also one of the contraceptive methods adopted by many people. However, its success rate is not high. read more

It should be correct that condoms should be used like this!

Scientists have long emphasized that condoms should be used for every sexual activity unless the couple needs to have children. But whether the public will use condoms correctly has not been of concern to scientists for a long time. The Kinsey Sexology Center reported on a recent survey by American scientists that the vast majority of respondents did not fully understand the proper use of condoms. The scientists surveyed 158 male college students at Indiana University. The candidates must meet the following criteria: Unmarried, using condoms in at least one-time behavior within 3 months prior to the survey. After summarizing the questionnaire, the researchers found that even among college students with strong protection awareness, the use of condoms still has serious problems. 74% of respondents did not check for condom breakage before use; 61% did not check the expiration date. In addition, there are still many technical problems: 43% of respondents wear condoms after starting sexual read more

The most common contraception misunderstanding, making women more painful

There are always endless questions about contraception, especially female contraception, but more attention to health issues. According to different situations, women also have different methods of contraception, but the following 7 kinds of wrong contraception must avoid 1. The method of external ejaculation contraception Some people think that if the man is allowed to ejaculate in the same room, the woman can not be pregnant. This understanding is biased. Because, first of all, before the man performs external ejaculation, a small amount of semen has flowed into the woman’s vagina with the prostatic fluid. Secondly, if the man performs excessive ejaculation in the body, if the movement is too slow, some of the semen will be injected into the woman’s vagina. This will lead to the pregnancy of the woman. Long-term use of this method of contraception, but also easy to make both couples too nervous due to the same room, leading to neurasthenia, loss of libido and other diseases. read more

How to make up the most scientific after the small birth?

Abortion is a small production, small production and natural childbirth, you need to confine the body, to regulate the body, especially in the diet, you should eat more blood and soothe the food. First, blood foods are usually rich in iron, protein and vitamin C food, have the effect of blood or auxiliary blood. Common blood foods include black beans, hairy vegetables, carrots, gluten, spinach, day lily, longan meat, etc. The bloody diet has fried pork liver, pig liver red jujube, ginger jujube brown sugar water, hawthorn cinnamon twig brown sugar soup, ginger juice barley porridge, Black fungus red dates drink, etc. Common blood foods are: 1, longan meat: that is, longan meat, rich in iron and contains vitamins A, B and glucose, sucrose, etc. Postpartum women eat longan soup, longan gum, longan wine and the like is also a good blood food. 2, day lily: rich in iron, vitamin A, B1, C and protein, fat and colchicine and other nutrients. Black Bean: Chinese medicine believes that black read more

What are the contraceptive pills on the market now?

There are many contraceptives on the market, there are many varieties, and there are many manufacturers. What are the contraceptives? Tell us that regardless of any kind of contraceptives, we must understand its quality, understand its characteristics, and cannot blindly take it. If you have sex and can’t remedy it, you must consult your doctor in time. There are many contraceptives on the market, there are many varieties, and there are many manufacturers. What are the contraceptives? Tell us that regardless of any kind of contraceptives, we must understand its quality, understand its characteristics, and cannot blindly take it. If you have sex and can’t remedy it, you must consult your doctor in time. At present, there are three kinds of female oral contraceptives that are emergency contraceptives. They are suitable for use within 72 hours after sexual intercourse without any contraceptive measures. These contraceptives should not be used as routine contraception. The recommended read more

Explosion: How is the ancient brothel woman contraceptive?

Now having sex, contraception is simple! Take a condom or an oral contraceptive. But ancient technology is not so developed, how do they contraception? Especially the ancient brothel women, they basically pick up customers every day to do that, how contraception becomes their big thing! Let’s see how ancient prostitutes contraception! 1. Soup contraception Before the emergence of modern contraceptives, how did the women in the past use contraceptive measures? There are few records in the history books, and there are few in the history. The film and television dramas are also understated. Gong Li’s movie, there is such a plot: a prostitute drinks a soup before receiving it, saying that if she drinks it, she will not become pregnant. Of course, there is no way to find out what kind of ingredients this medicine contains, and there are different opinions about the methods of contraception in ancient times. 3, saffron folks have records, it is said that saffron is the secret contraceptive read more

Is the pregnancy on the two bars really pregnant?

Every woman who has sex is very concerned about her own physiological period. Whenever her own physiological period is irregular, she begins to worry. I want to know what is going on. Some women start to buy it when they are in a hurry. Pregnant, I want to see if I am really pregnant, but some women are not particularly aware of the use of pregnancy test, then the two bars on the pregnancy test are really pregnant? Hey? The second day after the end of the sexual intercourse, pregnancy test? Next pregnancy after pregnancy?