Women are careful to fall into the melancholy circle of miscarriage

Doctors say that after abortion, women usually have a series of mental symptoms such as depression, depression, crying, irritability, and insomnia. This is caused by changes in hormone levels in the body before and after pregnancy, and most people will be cured. In order to conceive a baby again, women’s first choice is to adjust themselves from the mentality, to correctly understand and accept the emotional changes such as fear, grief and guilt after abortion, and understand that this change will slowly fade over time. In order to alleviate the discomfort caused by emotional changes, you can seek appropriate catharsis methods, such as crying and confiding. In addition, the family should also give more care and encouragement to help her out of the haze after abortion. Abortion is not only a physical injury for women, but also a physical trauma. If a female friend doesn’t know what to do after abortion, he should consult a psychiatrist as soon as possible and ask the doctor read more

Ordinary contraceptives are easy to hinder nutrient absorption

Oral contraceptives are one of the commonly used contraceptive methods for women of childbearing age. Many unmarried women who are not considered for childbirth will use this measure to avoid pregnancy. However, oral contraceptives are not a once-and-for-all medicine, and it is necessary to adhere to long-term use to play a role. The effective rate of oral contraceptives to inhibit ovulation can reach more than 95%. However, with the development of medical standards, many research materials pointed out that there are many drawbacks of oral contraceptives. Among them, there are reports that oral contraceptives can affect the body’s metabolism and nutrient absorption, and can change the body’s vitamins and minerals. Demand. Xiao Wei and her boyfriend fell in love for half a year. After consultation, they decided to start living together. After the intensive Zhang Luo, the two finally had a common small family. Both of them were first exposed to sex life. They also knew that read more

The secret of the twelve constellation men and sets

wearing love with a small raincoat is a way of sex that many men don’t like. Now let us analyze the characteristics of men from different constellations and see what attitude they have towards condoms. The constellation Pisces men seem to have no regularity in their personality. They only care about passion and loved ones. It is too boring to have sex. Therefore, it is recommended that Pisces’ partners should learn to protect themselves and do other contraceptive methods. The man of the constellation Taurus, although enjoying the enjoyment of sex, knows to protect his partner. Every time he is intimate, he may have double insurance under the partner’s request and self-contradictory, but for the sleeve, it is no longer within their consideration. Aries, the constellation of Aries, knows how to take care of each other. Therefore, in sex, they will follow the instructions of their partner and choose to wear a sleeve. However, the choice and transformation of the sleeve read more

See which contraceptives you are suitable for.

In sexual life, many women choose oral contraceptives to avoid unwanted pregnancies. But the contraceptives are also divided into many kinds, because many women do not really understand this knowledge, leading to unintended pregnancy, causing pain for themselves. The following is an expert analysis, hoping to get you out of the “blind zone” of contraception. According to experts, oral contraceptives are classified as long-acting, short-acting and quick-acting if they are differentiated according to timeliness. But a long-acting contraceptive does not represent a true “long-lasting” because it will become pregnant as soon as it is stopped. Therefore, it is a reversible contraceptive method that requires long-term adherence to be effective in the long run. The so-called long-acting contraceptives here are just one of the contraceptives. Long-acting contraceptives This contraceptive takes only one month and the drug can last for about a month. After stopping the read more

Do a good job of postpartum contraception, “two into the palace”

After natural production, the new mother will have to undergo a long period of training to restore her health. Sex life is absolutely forbidden during this time. When restoring sex, some new mothers are more daring. They feel that they have just given birth to their baby and will not be pregnant so soon, so they put light on contraception. Many women who have completed abortion have the same concept. At this point, the “two into the palace” often happens. Postpartum contraception is very important whether it is natural production or abortion. At the end of the period, women’s physiological functions will be suspended for a short period of time. When a woman recovers, her physiology returns to normal. This recovery time depends on people, environment and care. Restoring a healthy state means that the function of pregnancy is also restored (except for illness or other factors). Then, at this moment, having sex, without contraception, is likely to become pregnant again. read more

6 major precautions after abortion

For a long time, people have always tried the restricted area from generation to generation on sexual issues. The unscrupulous sex that should not happen is often staged among every generation of young men and women. The immediate consequence of this non-contraceptive sex that should not occur is the unintended pregnancy. In order to prevent the girls from being hurt again in the process of abortion, Xiaobian really compiled this set of people’s attention measures for the majority of girls. You can take a day off or go home in the hospital after regular surgery. In the next few days, I will go to the hospital for observation and treatment, and guarantee a full rest. Clothes that are not tight should be kept loose and not worn tight. From the second day of surgery, do not overwork and exercise. Prohibition of alcohol and ban on sexual intercourse is strictly prohibited within one month after surgery, and do not drink alcohol, do not take a bath without the permission of a doctor, read more

Deadly enemy of oral contraceptives: grapefruit

The use of oral contraceptives is very simple. Just like eating ordinary oral medications, it is convenient and effective. Non-girly comrades use these drugs for contraception. However, there is always a conflict between drugs and drugs, so when taking birth control pills, most people will pay attention to their pharmacology to avoid conflicts. However, there are still many women who only take contraceptives and who do not take other drugs accidentally become pregnant. The reasons are various. But there is a little-known situation, that is, eating conflicts. Usually, there is not much conflict between drugs and diet. Especially the special medicine for contraceptives, there is a kind of fruit that everyone likes very much. It is the grapefruit. Why grapefruit is the enemy of oral contraceptives According to research by American experts, grapefruit will inhibit the metabolism of human enzymes, thus affecting the absorption and utilization of certain drugs by the human body. Among them, read more

What is “hidden abortion”?

In real life, the phenomenon of “hidden abortion” is rarely noticed, but there are many people who have such problems. There are two kinds of cases of “hidden abortion”: one is that after the fertilized egg is formed, it passes through the uterus and passes through without leaving it. It flows out along with the exfoliated endometrium; the other is the fertilized egg in the uterus. When the bed is set, even the fetal sac has formed, the embryonic development will soon stop, and it will be cleared out together with the exfoliation of the endometrium. Because the process of “hidden abortion” does not have much influence on the endometrium, women who have suffered this time will generally come to the holiday on schedule, and they will be unaware, let alone pay attention to and take relevant preventive measures. At present, among the obstetricians, there is not much knowledge about this aspect, and ordinary people are of course unheard of. The low rate read more

Contraceptive “Hero List” TOP3

There is always a “high, short, thin and thin” thing that is comparable, especially the things that emphasize the effect, but also the quality of “ranking”. Contraception is a very effective thing, so young men and women must use relatively effective methods and tools, the following is a contraceptive “hero list” TOP3 in. The third place, the birth control link, is a popular contraceptive method in Europe and America. The specific method is to place a ring of a certain shape in the vagina and uterus of the woman (the shape and type of the contraceptive ring are not fixed), so as to achieve the effect of killing sperm and preventing sperm from entering the uterus, thereby effective contraception. . There is no need to take medicine after putting the ring, and there is no need to wear a condom. However, the shortcomings of the birth control ring are very obvious. Although the female who placed the birth control ring did not see the clues in appearance, read more

Must know the “points” after spontaneous abortion

Don’t feel that your sex is full of passion in your sexual life. Everything we need to pay attention to is our own contraceptive problem. However, once there is no contraceptive success, once we have a spontaneous abortion, how can we be better? Don’t panic, Xiaobian has prepared the necessary precautions for spontaneous abortion here. First: Women who need to repair physical abortion must know their physical recovery. Do not carry out excessive physical labor for a period of time after the abortion. Be sure to pay attention to the regularity of life, be sure to have 8 hours of sleep every day, don’t always feel depressed, sleep well. Too much sleep is not good, you have to do your own mediation. Xiao Bian recommended: Cleverly pumping the three stages of a woman’s orgasm to provoke a woman’s orgasm. The second thing is that nutrition needs to keep up with the rest of the body. What we should pay attention to is the follow-up of nutrition. At this moment, read more