High temperature killing water temperature 39 ° C is best for bathing

Some men like steaming saunas and hot water very much. In fact, this method is very harmful to men’s sperm. If the male genitalia is exposed to high temperature for a long time, it will affect fertility and gradually reduce sexual function. Ordinary people’s body temperature is mostly around 36 ° C -37 ° C, and the testicles will remain at around 35 ° C. Because the male scrotum is equivalent to the role of air conditioning, cold contraction, thermal relaxation, so the testicles can always be in a lower temperature environment. The highest heat-resistant temperature of the testicles and prostate is only 50 °C. Once the outside temperature is too high, such as a bath or a hot spring bath, as long as it exceeds 37 °C, the scrotum cannot be adjusted, and the high temperature will cause damage to sperm and interstitial cells that produce testosterone. The bath temperature is critical. When men need warm water to sit in the bath, pay attention to the water temperature and read more

Male reproductive health requires a lifetime of attention

In most people’s eyes, only men who are middle-aged will pay attention to reproductive health. As everyone knows, male reproductive health concerns should be paid attention to from an early age, and it takes a lifetime to maintain. Many people have a lot of blindness in the reproductive health of children, and few people pay attention to the reproductive health of children. It is also often difficult to get the attention of parents. According to clinicians, pediatric phimosis is the most common problem that begins to appear after age 3. Pediatric phimosis refers to the narrow opening of the pediatric foreskin so that the foreskin can not be turned over, can not expose the penis head, so it is easy to cause inflammation of the urinary system, and may affect reproductive health in adulthood. The doctor said: Pediatric phimosis is best treated in preschool, most of which can be cured by physical therapy. Adolescent sex education has begun to receive social attention in recent years, read more

Neglected non-bacterial prostatitis

Prostatitis is easily entangled in men after entering middle-aged and old age. In clinical practice, chronic prostatitis is the most common. The incidence of this disease before the age of 50 is very high, and it is more common after the age of 50. In medicine, chronic prostatitis is divided into two types, one is bacterial and the other is non-bacterial. In the outpatient department of the male department, some patients are often seen, with a diagnosis book in hand saying that chronic prostatitis has been detected in other hospitals. However, no bacteria were found during the prostatic fluid examination, so it was suspected that it was misdiagnosed. In fact, this is probably chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. Chronic bacterial prostatitis is a chronic infectious inflammation of the prostate caused by various pathogenic bacteria, and chronic non-bacterial prostatitis is usually found in bacteria by ordinary culture methods, hence the name. In medicine, chronic prostatitis is mostly non-bacterial read more

Daily mistakes and habits

Daily behavior has a great impact on sexual life, and women who are indifferent are basically due to some hidden dangers under the bed. These hidden dangers are multifaceted and may be due to habits and may also be due to unreasonable medication. In short, under the bed can not hold themselves, sexual life will inevitably appear obstacles. Here are a few of the most striking mistakes, and I hope that women can correct them. Mistake 1: Excessive use of contraceptives Oral contraceptives are one of the most commonly used contraceptive methods for women. It is highly efficient and easy to use. However, as a sex hormone drug, it breaks the normal hormonal balance of the human body and affects the secretion of male and female hormones, which reduces the secretion of vaginal lubricating fluid, causing discomfort or pain due to dryness during sexual life until emergence. cold. Experts suggest that if women have these symptoms, they can consult a doctor, try to change a brand of contraceptives, read more

Male erect sexual secret

When the penis is a man’s “life root” sex, the size of the penis will give women different feelings. Men about penis should be familiar, so how much do you know about the secret of penile erection? What are the secrets of the lesser known penis? Most men have not cut the foreskin and a report from the UN AIDS Working Group shows that Worldwide, only about 30% of men aged 15 and over have undergone circumcision. This ratio varies from religion to country. The vibrator is also not a female masturbation patent for the penis. It is also suitable for male penis stimulation. The study found that men with spinal impairment can successfully ejaculate with the help of a special medical oscillator. In this type of treatment, the oscillator usually stimulates the nervous system under the penis that involves ejaculation. Dr. Kohler said that some male patients with difficulty in ejaculation or difficulty in reaching orgasm can try to use an oscillator. The most sensitive under read more

What are the treatments for gonorrhea?

What is gonorrhea? What kind of disease is this? How can we prevent and treat this disease? In fact, this is a relatively common disease, and it is also contagious, especially through sexual transmission. Gonorrhea will hurt everyone’s body, so it is necessary to treat it in time, then how to treat gonorrhea best, what is the cause of gonorrhea, what is the prescription for treating gonorrhea, the following small series for everyone to explain. How to treat gonorrhea best 1. Treatment principles (1) diagnose as soon as possible, timely treatment. First, the diagnosis should be established as soon as possible after the illness, and should not be treated freely before diagnosis. Second, treatment should be treated immediately after diagnosis. (2) Identify the clinical type and determine whether there is a comorbidity. Defining clinical typing is extremely important to properly guide treatment. (3) Determining whether there is any drug resistance, whether it is resistant to penicillin read more

What does a male sexual dysfunction include?

Sexual life is an indispensable link between husband and wife. Every man is very concerned about his sexual ability, because once the sexual ability declines, then men can’t satisfy their wife and themselves, which will affect the husband and wife. The sexual harmony of life causes the woman to be unsatisfied, leading to dissatisfaction with the man, which will eventually lead to family disharmony. It can be seen that the impact of male sexual dysfunction on his family is also important. Therefore, we must fully understand how male sexual dysfunction is going on, and then promptly treat. Men’s sexual dysfunction includes: (1), retrograde ejaculation life will have a lust orgasm, and they also feel the pleasure of sexual intercourse, but what is embarrassing is that semen can not be seen from the urethra. So where did the injected semen go? Originally, semen was retrogradely shot into the bladder, and medically gave the disease a special name called retrograde ejaculation. read more

The lack of androgen is no shortage of sexual impulses

According to reports, Cookson, who lives in London, is 33 years old, and puberty still has not arrived. His penis is small, his sexual organs are not well developed, and no spermatorrhea has ever occurred. Even a man’s most proud sign – no physiological impulses. This peculiar phenomenon has aroused great attention from the medical community and the media, and has set off a wave of help for Kumson to find puberty. The diagnosis came out very quickly. Kumson suffered from Kalman’s syndrome. The main cause of the disease was his low levels of androgen in his body – his androgen levels were comparable to those of a one-year-old. Without androgen, how can there be no puberty? Androgen, a “catalyst” of sexual characteristics There are three kinds of androgens, namely testosterone, androstenedione and dehydroepiandrosterone. 95% of the androgen in males is secreted by the gonads, the testis, and the main component of the test is testosterone. Androgens play read more

What factors are likely to lead to male premature ejaculation

What factors are likely to lead to premature ejaculation in men? Why do some men suffer from premature ejaculation? When it comes to premature ejaculation, it seems to be the deepest pain in men. It makes men unable to lift their heads in front of women, such as acupuncture, which hurts men most sensitively. . Men with premature ejaculation are like frosted eggplants, and they can’t let women experience the wonderful feelings brought by persistent sex. So what factors are easy for men to get earlier? Let’s explore together. The so-called “young age does not know the sperm is expensive”, some young people have sex before marriage, because of tension, excitement comes quickly, rushed to ejaculate, it is difficult to change the established ejaculation method after marriage. Some people are reluctant to adopt condoms such as condoms and contraceptive rings after marriage, and use external ejaculation methods for contraception because the two sides are very nervous read more

How to raise milk after artificial abortion

Not long ago, one of my roommates was pregnant, but because the husband and wife were not prepared, she reluctantly knocked out the child. In the past two days, I heard her say that the two breasts have risen sharply, and there is still milk leakage. Now I have to take a break at home. In fact, in life, many such women choose to have abortion because of accidental pregnancy. After abortion, they bring a lot of inconvenience to their lives. For example, milking and milk leakage have caused many women to suffer. So, is there any way to alleviate the milk increase after women’s induction of labor? The doctor said that after artificial induction of labor, human hormones will gradually return to the prenatal state, but will not change immediately. Therefore, there is still a short period of milk secretion. If it is found that milk is secreted, as long as it is cleaned, it does not need to be squeezed out. Because the milk is secreted according to the principle of supply and demand, read more