Demystify the three major health risks of adolescent boys!

Adolescent sex education: revealing the three major health risks of adolescent boys! Due to increased income, improved life, and more protein intake, the youth development of our youth is greatly advanced. The boy’s spermatorrhea first appeared at the age of 11 years old, and after the age of 13 years, the spermatorrhea accounted for 60%. Changes in puberty are not only manifested in physiology, such as appearance, internal organ maturity, but also in the psychological aspect, the ability to communicate externally, independence and self-awareness, and sexual consciousness has also developed. Young men have many new psychological experiences, such as sexual dreams, sexual fantasies, sexual impulses, and masturbation. Due to the influence of traditional concepts, China’s sex education is still very backward. Young people often feel helpless about the physiological and psychological changes in adolescence, and they are deeply troubled. On the one hand, they have strong sexual read more

Condom knowledge that young boys should know

Which young man is not pregnant, adolescent girls are interested in the opposite sex, and love is normal. There are also impulses to have closer contact with the opposite sex. Of course, adolescent boys should not live prematurely, but before starting sex, adolescent boys should learn common sense about condoms. Types of condoms Male condoms can be divided into four types according to their size: large, medium, small and extra small. The diameters are: 35 mm, 33 mm, 31 mm, 29 mm. According to the thickness, it can be divided into ordinary type (thickness 0.04 ~ 0.06 mm), ultra-thin type (thickness 0.03 mm) and thin type (thickness between the former two). The ultra-thin model is a high-grade transparent condom commonly used in China. Xiao Bian recommended: Teenage weight loss affects premature sexual intercourse affects the use of healthy condoms First, carefully open the package. Don’t tear the sleeve inside; second, pinch the blister at the front end of the condom and wear it read more

Sex education cannot be equated with sexual knowledge

Many people have a question, is sex education a sexual knowledge? According to the survey, in fact, this is a wrong sexual concept education that covers sociological related knowledge, not just sex. He is related to the healthy development of a society and the performance of a social level. Thus, sex education can be seen. More spacious. The development of the body’s reproductive system during adolescence is still not perfect. If sexual relations occur prematurely during this period, it will be harmful to the body. “The feeling of bloodshed”, the female writer Bi Shumin used these four words to describe how she witnessed the feelings of young boys and girls stealing the forbidden fruit. Sun Yunxiao, a minor education expert, laments this. Some middle school students have had sex. This is not only a physical injury, but also a great deal of harm to any and the mind. As far as the current situation is concerned, most of China’s sex education is closed to the door read more

Parents: How to sex education for children

How to put the child’s sex education on the agenda, this is the main worry for parents now, so not only when the child can understand the language, parents should put sex education in daily life, but also from life. Let’s guide the children well in every place. Let’s learn from Liu together! After knowing the gender of the child, regardless of gender, you should not be confused in the choice of name, dress and daily necessities, so as to avoid the child from being young. Forming a sense of sexuality with others, thus affecting the child’s sexual orientation. Expecting the child to be the gender that the parents are hoping for, or the preference for the boy or girl, or deliberately disguising the girl as a man or dressing the boy, will affect the child’s sexual self-identification, leading to subsequent changes in personality and behavior. Knowing your body’s freedom to explore your body is a good start for a healthy sex education. Parents in family read more


导语:婚姻生活淡如水,婚前的激情随着生活的磨练变得越来越淡,这时候,总有人为了寻求曾经的激情做出一些出格的举动,也就是婚外恋。其实,夫妻生活中难免会遇到不如意的地方,如果男人不会经营自己的婚姻,那么就很危险了,有时候自己被戴上绿帽子都不自知。那么,哪种男人最易被戴上绿帽子呢?企业家和程序员  企业家忙于应酬,而且经常出入生色场合,一不小心就会将精力消耗殆尽,回到家以后早已累得像一滩软泥,而妻子却还想和他亲热,一方冷,一方热的婚姻也会导致婚姻亮红灯,虽然女人不会摆明了跟男人过不去,但是也不会亏待自己。程序员则太过木讷,每天就知道搞程序,而不知道抚慰自己,最后自己的妻子被别人调试了都不知道。  高学历的人或者大学生  大学生或高学历者虽然思想比较单纯,但他们也很容易被戴绿帽子。大学女生同时和几个男生交好也不是什么怪事,在没有找到备胎的时候,她们还会和男友在一起,一旦找到了新欢,就会毫不留情地把现男友变为前男友。高学历者虽然能驾驭的了知识,但是却驾驭不了女人,他们情商有点低,也不知道用什么样的“手段” read more

Four kiss skills teach him to worship under your red lips

Kissing is a long-term relationship between couples, then you know how to do kissing, what do you want to know about kissing skills? The following small series tells you how to kiss, just take a look at the four kiss skills. According to statistics, the most popular kiss route for men is “from top to bottom” and “after going to”, try to test his passion with different pressures and different humidity kisses. Index, keep an eye on each other’s reactions to find out his sexy belt. “If his specific part is muscle stiff because of the kiss, don’t give up and continue to tease him, this is mostly his sexy belt,” said sex therapist Cohen Greene. “I feel particularly useful for the navel kiss.” Wang Xicheng, a 25-year-old saxophonist, said, “I like her to kiss my navel. I use the tip of my tongue around the navel, then stretch my tongue and tease the navel. Part, this will make me very excited and unable to control. Second, full body language read more

The most fun little game that couples love

For most couples, sex is a very good thing. Many couples like to show some new tricks from time to time in sex, so that the other party can look forward to each sex, sometimes Doing some small games during sex can have different effects. Let’s take a look at some shy little games. On the sexual level, women feel willing to entrust their body to their partner when they feel safe and trustworthy. According to some surveys, about 48% of women are unwilling to start sexual activity, but they melt under the partner’s tenderness, and finally 80% of women are intoxicated. Men get a sense of accomplishment from pleasing women, and the thrill of conquest is born when they are hired. Of course, if the man’s desires are eager to move, and the women’s provocative foreplay, they are also happy to accept. Women can explore their sensitive belts by masturbating. For example, musical instrument solo is the most impromptu, but it is the nature of oneself. Please ask Ricky Martin, Takeshi read more

What are the factors that affect sexual life?

Sexual love means the combination of sex and love. Sex is based on love. The husband and wife do not say that as long as they have sex, they can do whatever they want. A harmonious sex life is very important for the stability of marital relations. Women in their lives need men to care for them. Sexual life between husband and wife requires that both parties pay attention to a lot of things, avoiding some misunderstandings, affecting the quality of sexual life, and adversely affecting the harmony of husband and wife. Myth 1: The more sexual intercourse, the easier it is to become pregnant. When some couples want a baby, they consciously extend the number of sexual life, thinking that this can be pregnant in time, but the result is often counterproductive. Women of childbearing age have only one or two eggs in each menstrual cycle. Therefore, the most prone to pregnancy every month is only 1-3 days before ovulation and 1-2 days after ovulation. If the frequency of sexual life of couples read more

Menopause: What are the reasons for the advancement of menopausal syndrome?

Menopause: What are the reasons for the advancement of menopausal syndrome? For young women, menopause seems to be far away from themselves, it should be the problem that will be faced in 50 or 60 years old, but in fact this situation is happening quietly change. Why do menopausal syndrome appear in advance? Chinese women have more menopause between 40 and 60 years old, and menopausal symptoms occur more than 2 to 3 years before and after menopause. The age, duration, and severity of symptoms vary from person to person. Menopause is a series of discomfort caused by the disorder of autonomic function with the onset of menopause. Female ovaries, while periodically ovulating, also secrete female hormones that can maintain the youthful beauty and vitality of women. Once ovarian dysfunction occurs, the secretion of sex hormones will also be abnormal. Not only will menstrual disorders, vasomotor symptoms, changes in mental mood, sleep disorders, resistance decline, but also cause memory loss, read more

Menopause: The benefits of a harmonious sexual life in menopause

Menopause: The benefits of a harmonious sexual life in menopause. In the past, it was thought that menopausal sex was harmful to the body, so it was not necessary to have sex. This thought suppressed the normal physiological and sexual needs of menopausal women. The benefits of a harmonious life in menopause are so great that it can make your body and mind healthy and beneficial. (1) The benefits of a harmonious life in menopause are to enhance confidence in life and enjoy the spirit. (2) Menopausal couples can meet the needs of sexual physiology and sexual psychology through close contact with the skin such as hugs and strokes. The benefits of harmonious life in menopause can promote emotions, make couples love, and harmony and respect each other. (3) The benefits of menopause sexual life can delay the onset of menopause. The main reason for menopause is that the ovary loses its stress function on the normal pituitary due to age, and the maturation and discharge of the follicles are read more