Huang Xiaoming and the children in the earthquake-stricken area took a group photo to remember the deceased

On the morning of May 12, Huang Xiaoming issued a essay on Weibo to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake: “In my imagination, people who have experienced a catastrophe will become fragile, sensitive and closed, but life is often out of life. Unexpected tenacity and optimism… I believe that this is not to forget the pain, but to choose to keep these experiences in mind and then to meet a new life.” 14:28, May 12, 2008, Wenchuan, Sichuan An earthquake of magnitude 8.0 occurred, the most destructive earthquake since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and the most serious earthquake after the Tangshan earthquake. On the 12th, the tenth anniversary of the Wenchuan Earthquake, many stars cherished the history on Weibo and paid tribute to their rebirth. On Xiaobo, Huang Xiaoming sang a photo of himself in the public welfare activities and the ocean that lost his legs due to the Wenchuan earthquake and said: “In my previous imagination, read more

Li Jiaxin, mother, 80 years old, beautiful photo

According to Taiwan media reports, Hong Kong actress Li Jiaxin, after marrying the wealthy businessman Xu Jinheng in 2008, gradually faded out of the entertainment circle, only occasionally attending the event, still has a large number of diehard fans, she also often share interesting things. She uploaded a beautiful photo of her mother’s 80th birthday. The frozen age looks like everyone’s excitement. She was interviewed recently, and her mother’s material was unexpected. The original photo made her mother unhappy. Li Jiaxin accepted the media interview and revealed that the mother was very concerned about the “80th birthday” exposure. Although the photos were praised by everyone at the time, the mother was very concerned and could not help but complain afterwards: “How do you tell people that I am 80 years old, my friends don’t know me? How old!” Funny reaction, let her cry and laugh. She also revealed that her mother had been excavated read more

“Folly 4” online mad endings only two veteran members can survive

According to Taiwan media reports, the Marvel movie “Avengers: Infinity War” was released for more than a month, and many fans are still guessing the story of the next episode. On the Internet, Russell Brothers recently said that “the Avengers are only two of the six heroes of the Avengers’ elders will enter the fourth stage of Marvel.” Suspected suggesting that only 2 people are alive and 4 are dead, no matter whether it is true or not. Really believe it. The “Avengers 4” synopsis was previously in the foreign media “Licensing Magazine is exposed. “This is a climax of 22 films connecting each other. The adventure story of the 4th “Avengers” will attract the audience to witness the turning point of this legendary journey. Our beloved superhero will truly understand How fragile the reality is, and will make the necessary sacrifices to protect it.” Since the release of The Avengers 3, the message that heroes will leave read more

Feng Timo was exposed to the old photos, causing public opinion

Feng Timo’s old lighting star network information, according to Taiwan media reports, the net red Feng Timo (Feng Ya-nan) recently fell into a bed-like storm, and repeatedly exposed its deliberately concealed married identity, after the live broadcast denied everything, thought it would calm the debate, It is expected that a wave of unrest has started again. Before the facelift, the old photos were madly transmitted on the Internet. Some netizens pointed out that not only the double eyelids had moved their hands and feet, but even speculated that she had even increased the roots and nose. Feng Timo’s series of old photos have been exposed recently. The girls in the photos have a bangs hairstyle, their faces are slightly rounded, their eyes and expressions are a bit green, and it is obvious that they have big eyes, but some netizens said At that time, she was a bit in the double, suspected that the eyelids had a little movement of the hands and feet. The double eyelids were read more

The anchor of the modern brothers cover the new song of Xue Zhiqian, there is a taste

Every time Xue Zhiqian makes a new song, it will cause the music circle to vibrate, this time is no exception. Don’t hear the friends who Xue Zhengqian sang live, don’t worry, know that the name of the YY anchor Modern Brothers “Cover Harvester” is not white. Modern brother singer Liu Yuning (Ning Ge) once said that he appreciates Xue Zhiqian’s musical talent and singing skills, and he also likes to cover his songs. This is not the case. Yu Ge firstly sang a new song by Xue Zhiqian on the streets of Dandong, and sent a music benefit to the fans. Covering Xue Zhiqian’s song “Dumb” “How do you want me?” “Wake up” Xue Zhiqian’s new song, under the interpretation of the modern brothers, sang a different flavor. Ning Ge’s singing touched the hearts of the people and brought people into the emotional atmosphere of the song from the deep tone of the opening. Slightly hustle and hoarse voice, strong grainy read more

Another actress is completely disabled! Miyazaki’s nose is hot. Netizen: What plastic is installed on the nose?

According to Taiwan media reports, Japanese actress Miyazaki Kawasaki has been popular with sweet children for many years, and now she is married to the Guinness male star Okada Junichi, who is now pregnant. The TV series that she took before the maternity break was broadcasted recently. I didn’t expect the close-up to shock the Japanese network because the nose was suspected of being shaped. Miyazaki Aoi starred in the special drama “Brother and Sister”, playing a truck driver, and Daquan Yang is a brother and sister, often quarreling with a word. She frowned at the close-up of her face and her nose was unusually high. Her screenshots were madly transmitted on the Internet, and netizens took out the old photos. “I haven’t seen Miyazaki for a long time, how the nose has changed, it was very cute before.” “Is this Miyazaki?” I care very much.” “What kind of plastic is installed on the bridge of the nose?” The radical change read more