The most fascinating 5 fashion things

Get used to the missionary position, tired of making love only in the dark, it is time to find some fresh moves, keep fresh for sex, let your men look at you, experience fresh and exciting sex, 5 strokes, slowly try out the most suitable Your own. The first trick: Most people are familiar with this scene while washing. Some have had sex in the big bathtub, while others are in the shower room. The bathroom should be the second personality in addition to the bedroom. If you haven’t tried it yet, then act quickly, otherwise it will be too out! The second measure: outdoor camping Wild Sex Don’t be honest and honest. The guy who loves camping especially is a friend who loves nature. Although the survey shows that more than 40% of camping enthusiasts have had sex with camp friends in camping. Wait, what do you want? Hurry and correct your thoughts, set up high-end camping equipment, take her to camp. The third trick: Fantasy adds passion When you love someone to talk to you while you are thinking of someone else’s name, you will be very angry and feel very disappointed. But we have to teach you that at least one party deliberately imagines each other as their dream lover or the person who wants to make love with them. The average lover is likely to imagine that her sexual partner is her favorite star, you can also blindfold, imagine that she is your sexy goddess. This kind of imagination is actually no harm, even stimulating your passion for sex and sublimating your sexual feelings. The fourth trick: creating a “stolen feeling” feeling does not want to teach you to become bad, but you have to admit that the sexual pleasure brought by the affair is far more than the open lover relationship. It is also necessary to explain here that many people who steal love are not intentional! Of course, you can’t really go to sneak? But what do you want to enjoy the excitement brought by “stolen feelings” tonight? Actually, you You can bring her to your good friend’s house or classmate’s home and have a secret sex in a strange room. The feeling of tension that is afraid of being discovered at all times will make you feel the infinite stimulation. Remember to clean up after cleaning up! The fifth trick: Sweet car shock believes that this way is not strange to everyone, with the increase of private cars, enjoying sex in the car is already a commonplace for many private car owners. Maybe a few years ago, the popular question between the buddies is: “Buddy, have you got a car shock today?” The skills of Che Zhen are not specifically explained. The most important thing is to have a spacious compartment, window glass. Also have to be more secretive. In addition, not every wild forest is suitable for parking, so please pay attention to the surrounding environment before the earthquake, do not violate the traffic rules, it is too embarrassing to recruit traffic police or management personnel!