Do these points well and let your wife change his wife.

Good marriage and emotional life requires the joint efforts of both husband and wife. In the married life of husband and wife, some behaviors are very much liked by the other party, and some behaviors will make the spouse like it very much, thus greatly deepening the feelings of the two. Especially some behaviors of men. If a man does what the woman expects in these days, then it will make you more and more love you. When using condoms to make love when making love, a man can make a good start for himself, often regardless of his care, and an impulse is directly on, if it is a man who has already brought a set, It is also possible to quietly remove the set in the middle. This is a behavior that many women hate, and it may also be the case that if the accidental pregnancy occurs, whether it is physical injury or mental, the pain of miscarriage is obviously carried out by women. Women expect that during the sexual intercourse, the other half can actively use the vitality condom instead of reminding himself. Such a man is also more concerned with the feelings of others in the eyes of women. Do not ask to wear sexy underwear, the temptation of men is too big, otherwise it will not be called sexy underwear. May be influenced by the sexy actress on TV, men like their own women can wear very seductive lingerie. However, few women are interested in lingerie, even if they are interested, most of them are considered for the other half. If a man can understand women’s dislike, then women must be grateful to you. In fact, when you are in love foreplay, men can use LELO’s Ina 2 instead of the stimulation of sexy lingerie. Once the powerful motor rings, it will definitely make the two people want to rise and fight for a long time. Xiao Bian recommended: Let the young woman want to stop the ecstasy skills. The nine lie that the man often said before going to bed can filial to his parents. Both parents are big and big. It is not necessary for the family to be moved. It is because of love. Together. Therefore, men demand that their relationship with their mother-in-law is very harmonious, but they do not know that women are also looking forward to the other half can filial to their parents. To put it another way, this expectation of a man is the same as what a woman expects a man to do. If a man can care for a woman’s parents while loving himself, this will greatly increase the safety of women, and the love for you will be deeper, and the relationship between husband and wife will become very strong. A man who is loyal to his own heart and handsome, although he likes women, but after marriage, can not be used as a long-term dependence. A woman is still very repulsive to a man who is married. The woman pursues the stability of the relationship after marriage, not to see which handsome guy is thinking like a man sees a woman with a lower body. Women’s natural security is not so strong. In the request for the other half, the first requirement of women is to be single and not to be a man. In fact, we all know that men are naturally lascivious, but lascivious to lascivious, self-control has always been there. If you see a love, this man is a time bomb in marriage. Women who often boast of their own appearances love to listen to sweet words, even if they know that this is only the other side deliberately praise themselves. I still feel particularly sweet in my heart, especially when I hear the man I love is complimenting myself. “The sorcerer is confidant, the woman is loyal to her.” No matter how bad a woman is, how ordinary she looks, They are all looking forward to the other half’s affirmation and praise for themselves, which has a great effect on your emotional increase. Guess what you like: Breaking up the 5 state affects the performance of the new peach flower swearing woman. Please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network gender channel: