How do women judge whether they are ovulating?

How do women judge whether they are ovulating? There are many ways in which women can speculate on their ovulation period. For example, the ovulation period can be recorded every cycle, as well as the body temperature test, B-ultrasound test, or some physiological changes in women during ovulation. For example, the change of leucorrhea, the following is some information, you can refer to it. Symptoms of increased vaginal discharge 1. The leucorrhea is milky white. Can occur in pelvic tumors, uterine flexion, chronic systemic disease patients, because of pelvic and uterine congestion, increased vaginal secretions caused by two, yellow watery vaginal discharge. Most cases occur after continuous vaginal bleeding, a large amount of purulent odor leucorrhea in the vagina, should first consider advanced cervical cancer, endometrial cancer or submucosal fibroids with infection. Paroxysmal discharge should pay attention to the possibility of fallopian tube cancer. Third, purulent leucorrhea. Yellow or yellowish green, viscous or foamy, smelly, mostly caused by vaginal inflammation, of which trichomonas vaginitis is the most common, mostly genital itching. Can also be seen in chronic cervicitis, senile vaginitis, endometritis, meningeal effusion or foreign bodies in the vagina. Fourth, colorless paste-like vaginal discharge. The leucorrhea is sticky and sticky, and is often dyed in underwear. In addition to feeling backache, patients have no other symptoms, more common in chronic metritis, in addition, women with more estrogen * can also appear this leucorrhea. Five, bloody vaginal discharge. Mixed with blood in the vaginal discharge, should be alert to the possibility of malignant tumors such as cervical cancer and endometrial cancer. However, cervical polyps, cervical erosion, submucosal fibroids, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, urethral meat, senile vaginitis and other benign lesions can also lead to bloody vaginal discharge, a small amount of blood caused by intrauterine devices. This is a different situation with more leucorrhea during ovulation. And choose the ventilated underwear is appropriate, the underwear is loose and breathable, women should wear fat pants or skirts in general, the underwear is suitable for cotton, silk or rayon is not available, because it is not breathable, does not absorb sweat, the most suitable for mold, Jeans, training pants and other tight pants are not suitable for wearing. Stick to the evening wash, take the shower as well, and keep it dry after washing. Properly mastering the ovulation period is very important for young women: if you want to get pregnant, start on the first day of ovulation, keep the frequency of two days of sex, and persist for a few months. If there is no special situation, you will usually get pregnant. Women who do not want to become pregnant need to do contraception because it is easy to get pregnant during ovulation.