These methods can enhance the charm of women

I believe that you are willing to take the time to read the article repeatedly. You must be someone who is willing to take responsibility for yourself and want to make yourself better. I can deeply understand the pressures of others and the society and the embarrassment of life. It is necessary to upgrade ourselves. We must face the cruel reality of this world and let ourselves live more autonomy, dignity and freedom in this world. But you do it for yourself, not for others. So slow down your own angle and use your own speed. Although I know that if you don’t care about other people’s opinions, criticisms, cold-eyed words, or optimism, most people in the world are used to giving negative feedback to others. You may gradually know that although we are social animals, No matter what, maybe we can have a companion, but we still have to bear and face a lot of things. Maybe you need to cry a lot. It doesn’t matter, crying is not a bad thing. After crying, let us move on. Today, read more

The most fascinating 5 fashion things

Get used to the missionary position, tired of making love only in the dark, it is time to find some fresh moves, keep fresh for sex, let your men look at you, experience fresh and exciting sex, 5 strokes, slowly try out the most suitable Your own. The first trick: Most people are familiar with this scene while washing. Some have had sex in the big bathtub, while others are in the shower room. The bathroom should be the second personality in addition to the bedroom. If you haven’t tried it yet, then act quickly, otherwise it will be too out! The second measure: outdoor camping Wild Sex Don’t be honest and honest. The guy who loves camping especially is a friend who loves nature. Although the survey shows that more than 40% of camping enthusiasts have had sex with camp friends in camping. Wait, what do you want? Hurry and correct your thoughts, set up high-end camping equipment, take her to camp. The third trick: Fantasy adds passion When you love someone to talk to you while read more

Men must know: the attraction of the soaring charm

As a man, when you see a girl you like, there is an impulse to go over and talk. However, I am afraid that my behavior will scare her away and will continue to linger. If you want to succeed, you must first improve your charm. The following ways can make your charm index soar. Come and try it! 1. The opening of the conversation is open and white. Features: Relatively natural, you can Daily life and nightclub use, high hit rate. It is a recognized and common practice of PUA. Example: I once had a conversation with a girl in Hong Kong at a cosmetics store in Causeway. I went to see cosmetics, cosmetics shop, and a customer who easily scored 9 points, I said: Hello, I need advice. A friend in New York asked me to buy a mask for her, but I don’t know much about these things, and just the salesperson just wants to sell my expensive products. Do you know that the brands are reasonable and the quality is good? Later, the woman introduced the brand she used. I did two basic routines to read more

Do these points well and let your wife change his wife.

Good marriage and emotional life requires the joint efforts of both husband and wife. In the married life of husband and wife, some behaviors are very much liked by the other party, and some behaviors will make the spouse like it very much, thus greatly deepening the feelings of the two. Especially some behaviors of men. If a man does what the woman expects in these days, then it will make you more and more love you. When using condoms to make love when making love, a man can make a good start for himself, often regardless of his care, and an impulse is directly on, if it is a man who has already brought a set, It is also possible to quietly remove the set in the middle. This is a behavior that many women hate, and it may also be the case that if the accidental pregnancy occurs, whether it is physical injury or mental, the pain of miscarriage is obviously carried out by women. Women expect that during the sexual intercourse, the other half can actively use the vitality condom instead read more

Is the normal abdomen soreness in women during ovulation?

In our lives, female friends will face many physical problems, so we must pay attention to protect our body. Many female friends will have symptoms of abdominal pain. Is the abdominal pain in the ovulation period normal? Abdominal pain during ovulation Generally speaking, it is normal, but if the pain is too long or it is serious, you need to pay attention to it. Let’s take a look at the related issues. There are five main causes of abdominal pain in women of different ages: ovulatory abdominal pain, about two weeks before menstruation, just ovulation. At this time, the follicles rupture, and the follicular fluid stimulates the peritoneum, so women will have alternating abdominal pains that alternate between left and right and once a month. More manifested as a side of pain, dull pain or bulging pain. Short hours, no more than 2 days. This pain is a physiological problem and does not require treatment. Dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea is divided into primary and secondary. The former read more

How do women judge whether they are ovulating?

How do women judge whether they are ovulating? There are many ways in which women can speculate on their ovulation period. For example, the ovulation period can be recorded every cycle, as well as the body temperature test, B-ultrasound test, or some physiological changes in women during ovulation. For example, the change of leucorrhea, the following is some information, you can refer to it. Symptoms of increased vaginal discharge 1. The leucorrhea is milky white. Can occur in pelvic tumors, uterine flexion, chronic systemic disease patients, because of pelvic and uterine congestion, increased vaginal secretions caused by two, yellow watery vaginal discharge. Most cases occur after continuous vaginal bleeding, a large amount of purulent odor leucorrhea in the vagina, should first consider advanced cervical cancer, endometrial cancer or submucosal fibroids with infection. Paroxysmal discharge should pay attention to the possibility of fallopian tube cancer. Third, purulent leucorrhea. read more

How do you know if the ovulation period is up?

How do you know that the ovulation period is up? When the ovulation period is over, the physiology of women will also respond, similar to some menstrual symptoms, but at this time women’s vaginal discharge will increase, much more than usual, and the color is transparent, which is also known The best evidence of ovulation is reached. If you need to determine the time in detail, you can use the ovulation test strip to check it. 22 days of menstrual cycle How to calculate the ovulation period in the ovulation period can increase the chance of pregnancy, ovulation period is generally about two weeks before the next menstruation, if necessary, you can use the ovulation test strip to check, pay attention to review. For women with menstrual rules, you calculate when the next menstrual period comes, and the first day of the next menstrual period is reduced by 14 days. This day is the day of ovulation. If the woman has a menstrual cycle of 28 days, her ovulation date should be around the read more

How to calculate the expected date of ovulation?

How to use the ovulation period to calculate the expected date of birth? After knowing that the ovulation period can be quickly pregnant, so use this great opportunity to get pregnant, surprise, full of expectation that the baby will come early, the problem can come again, how should the ovulation period be calculated? When is the baby born? This has become one of the many problems that mothers want to know. Let’s take a look at this issue in detail. How to use the ovulation period to calculate the expected date of birth? The entire pregnancy is about 40 weeks, that is, 9 months and 7 days, 287 days. The expected date of birth can be estimated by the last menstrual period. The calculation method is based on the first day of the last menstrual period, the month is reduced by 3 or increased by 9, and the number of days is increased by 7. However, the actual delivery date and the estimated expected date of birth may differ by one to two weeks. If the last menstrual date of the pregnant read more

What are the points for high quality housekeeping?

What are the points for high-quality intercourse? All couples know that couple life is a very good thing, but not every sex can achieve good results. Sometimes, sex is not good. The effect will also destroy the feelings between husband and wife, which requires couples to communicate more when they are sexual, so what are the points needed for a high-quality sexual intercourse. First, do three “net, quiet, net”. Before sex, it is necessary to “be clean, quiet, and clean.” Clean and tidy bedding is a prerequisite for sex, cotton sheets and large beds are the best choice. A quiet environment means no noise, no family disturbances. Clearness in the heart means that there is no side to heart, don’t worry about it. Second, the foreplay reaches 6 minutes. Appropriate foreplay is especially important for both parties. It helps women to produce secretions in the vagina and helps men to increase erection stiffness. Dr. Kurt, a psychologist and sexual therapist in read more

What are the common mistakes in sex life?

I believe that everyone has this kind of experience. Due to the influence of traditional concepts, people always have a lot of misunderstandings about their sexual life. These misunderstandings often interfere with our experience of sexual life, affect the quality of sexual life between husband and wife, and bring a lot of trouble to couples. Everyone must understand a lot about these common sexual misunderstandings, and avoid walking into these misunderstandings in their normal life. Myth #1: Women are particularly concerned about the size of the penis. Men are always concerned about the size of “where”, and women are not really concerned about it. Dr. Verriman said that in a survey of 50,000 heterosexual men and women, 85% of women said they were satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis, while only 55% of men felt satisfied with their penis size. For women, the removal of substantial love, kiss, caress, and hugs can greatly enhance their sexual feelings. Myth read more